Bishpswood In Bloom

March 2022, Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley Our brilliant Gardening club volunteers need your help!

Bishopswood Gardening Club

As you can see our wonderful Gardening Club volunteers (in picture Lesley Astley and Judy Cilver, Andy Prater and Richard Peatman) have been hard at work looking after a number of the garden areas at Bishopswood. Please join me is extending a massive thank you to all of those involved, it is truly appreciated. To show our appreciation, lets get behind the upcoming B & B Week (Bishopswood In Bloom) The newly formed gardening club aims to provide a more interesting and more colourful plant life within the course. They need some funds to help get the work started, so they need our support!! Therefore, during the week commencing 27th March to the 3rd April (Sunday – Sunday) a £1 fine will be in operation for any golfer going into a water or garden hazzard. This is a volentery fine and we hope you understand its a little bit of fun, to get some much needed funds to support the club. There will be a jar in the bar and any donation will be gratefully received Also for your interest during the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd April, we are asking members to “bring a bulb or cuiting” Collection areas will be provided. This is a great initiative from our wonderful Bishopswood Members and just another demonstration of just how fantastice our golf club really is. They get my support, see you all soon!