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February 2023 – Bishopswood Golf Club 

Our Captain, Andy, with his update

Andy’s Captain’s Blog 2022

Hello all,

It’s me again and I’m afraid you will have to put up with me doing this every month going forward

January was a wet, wet, wet month.

(A little off the beaten track does anyone know who sang the song January and where did the band Wet Wet Wet come from?)

We started January the 1st after a very enjoyable New Year’s Eve party, with brilliant food as always and also a fantastic disco to dance the night away until 1am in the morning.

The 4th January was our now established quiz night. The questions were done by the one and only Richard Burt with some of the questions on tech.  I was in my element (not)   I just thought I would give my other team members a chance to shine. Of course, I have to say there is no shame in coming last

As far as the golf in January, like most other clubs we were closed for a couple of weeks but the driving range has been fantastic for keeping your swing in order

Burns Night on the 21st went off well with a brilliant menu and a Scottish piper. The address to the haggis was first class which is more than I can say about our Scottish dancing. The instructor must have wondered how grown people were unable to carry out simple instructions. It was so funny my sides literally hurt with laughter. A brilliant night with photographic evidence provided by the talented Mr McMullin

The end of the month the course reopened with Lee and Pete doing a great job getting it ready for it to become playable. Let’s hope it stays dry so we can get out there and enjoy the golf, and please look out for the social events we have arranged for February.

They are now detailed on the TV screen in the bar

I am looking forward to seeing you all in the coming month.


Bishopswod Golf Club Captain

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