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June/July 2023 – Bishopswood Golf Club 

Our Captain, Andy, with his update

Andy’s Captain’s Blog 2023

Hi All,

 The 2nd of June was St Andrew’s day at Bishopswood.  But not in Scotland

It was Scotland’s turn to host the day and what a day the Scottish Captain put on. Well done, George.

All the results can be found on the Bishopswood Bugle page.

I would just like to thank the Captains and the players who took part.

On the 3rd saw the first playing of The Queen Elizabeth II cup.  It was won by Paul Ray with a score of 65.

June was a busy month with the 4th being the taster day, organised by Jeanie and Lesley. It went off like clockwork, brilliantly done.

On the 9th, 10th & 11th was my charity 3-day challenge.

What a fun 3 days we had. Thanks to all who took part. We raised around £300.

On the 20th the ladies held their ping 4 BBB

This was well attended with lots of pairs entered. The day was won by A Porter and H Johnston

On the 24th and 25th was our club championship with 50 entries  It proved to be a good test to see who the best player of the club is.

After round 1 there was not much in it, in both the net and the gross with Helen Johnston in the lead in the net and Richard Burt in the gross.

Round 2 on the 25th was eagerly contested. It saw Helen and Richard playing their best to hang on and win and be crowned club champions. Well done to both.

On the 27th a very special couple of ladies played seventy-two holes of golf for charity. They did a fantastic job and managed to keep going to the end, with lots of encouragement from members of the club.

Well done Ella and Dani.


That’s all for June folks.



Bishopswod Golf Club Captain

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