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Hi All,

I am writing this July blog on a wet miserable day. No, I am not 6 months late – it is July. The wettest on record they say

However, it did not stop us having a great month of golf and social events.

2nd July was the now well-established cross-country event. It is always good fun playing the course a different way around.

The big event this year was AMAM.  The only real way to explain how it went was WOW, what an incredible day. Even the weather turned out great.  We had a record amount of teams entered. It would take too long to thank everyone for coming, but I would just like to say a thank you to all those who contributed to my charity Aspire. At the last count you raised £3,000.00 on the day. Brilliant effort.

The 15th saw us have our first summer ball for a few years because of Covid. Again, what a wonderful evening. It was fantastic to see so many of you and your guests.  I must thank Ray and the staff for the first-class meal and service.  I truly enjoyed the evening and hope you all did too.

The 23rd saw the golfer non-golfer day, which again was well supported by members and non-members. Not sure who were the non-golfers but I am positive they all had a great afternoon. The seniors, mixed and gents continued and will continue with their inter club matches. Some losers and some winners but all played in good spirit. Well done teams.

The ladies’ section continues to grow at pace, with their Tues & Thurs roll-ups being increasingly supported.

The Senior’s group on a Mon, Weds and Fri’s, has also had new members joining their roll-ups. This is great news.  Both sections continue to play a vital role in Bishopswood golf club.

The month of July sadly saw Malcolm Boreham stepping down from his role as Club President.  An interim President was put in place to take us through to November when a new President can be elected.

 That is all for now. I hope to see you all on Captain’s Day on 12th August



Bishopswod Golf Club Captain

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