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September 2021, Bishopswood Golf Club 2021

Our Captain, Smithy, with his update

Smithy’s Captain’s Blog 2021

Hi Everyone

It was brilliant to see so many people attending the Captain’s Day bash.  A full complement of players and an evening packed with members and family made it a night to remember for Jackie and I.  Thank you all for supporting and a thanks to the weather which remained great all weekend.

On the Sunday it is tradition for the Captain to put out a team to play against the mighty past Captains.  Well, the mighty do fall as my team managed to win which led me of course to a bit of Smithy waffle and a very quiet pack of past Captains.  Unlucky boys better luck next year!

Last night Jackie and I attended the Friday night nosh and meat raffle.  What a smashing evening and even won some lovely pork loin steaks.  I thoroughly enjoyed the meal which is a miracle given I haven’t had an appetite for months due to my heart issues.  Give it a go as I know you will enjoy it but please book as it is popular!

I see the girls finished 8th up at Gainsborough.  They were the only juniors who made the finals and looked great in their Bishopswood outfits.  A brilliant achievement and stars in the making.

The Ryder Cup is due shortly and Bishopswood own version is now ready to roll.  Team Captains namely Nick Leonard (Europe) and Ruairi McNulty (USA) announced their teams at the Friday night bash and will do battle on the Sunday of this big event.  Should be plenty of banter in the clubhouse as the 4 balls announce which side won.  Come on Europe …………. sorry I meant, play well everyone.

My two charities namely MND and St Michaels Hospice have had a real boost recently.  Captain’s Day raised a massive £1,000 thanks to your support of the various challenges, sale of squares and Mike McMullin’s lights and then I found out the meat raffle had raised over £500 as well.  Well, done to you all and if you haven’t yet got a badge, you can still buy one for £2 in the pro shop.  Hey, I only asked!

The pro shop raffle went well.  Well maybe not for Gareth who put up some excellent extra prizes because he was not happy with the low numbers from the first draw.  Although I miss Steve, I think we have a smashing replacement who really engages with the family ethos of Bishopswood.  I know we will give him and his team every support we can.

On a connected subject the owner, who I happen to know fairly well, gave me a guided tour of the driving range building site.  This was now a few weeks ago but when it opens it going to be fantastic. I will not spoil Gareth’s thunder who will I am sure want a grand opening, but I think you should all get excited!  I am!

That’s enough Smithy waffle for now

Sell you all soon



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