Cross Country

2nd July 2023, Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley 

Taking on 9 very differnt holes

Cross Country

Last Sunday the annual cross country Texas scramble took place with nine teams of four battling their way in directions not usually seen at Bishopswood.

Would you consider playing the following tee shots?

from the conifers on the right-hand side of the 4th fairway over the reservoir to the 6th green. A blind shot for many, with a carry of 100 yards.

The challenge of hitting the 4th green in two from the front of the 7th tee.

Par for the day was 62, and in warm, windless conditions scoring was good, with all teams finishing in net 46 or lower.

Winners with a net 40 were Francis Brewster, Andy McGhee, Brad Nash and Andy Wisden.