Porter & Johnston March on

March 2023 , Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley 
Alison & Helen Beat Calcot 3 & 2 in the first round

Porter & Johnston March on

Alison Porter and Helen Johnston, had been practicing diligently for months leading up to the Daily Mail Foursomes Golf Tournament. The first round draw saw them pitted against a formidable team from Calcot Park.

As they approached the tee, nerves were high, but Alison and Helen were determined to give it their all. The match started off tight, with both teams playing well and exchanging the lead throughout the front nine holes. But Alison and Helen were in top form, making clutch shots and sinking putts when it mattered most.

As they made the turn to the back nine, Alison and Helen began to pull ahead. Their accuracy off the tee and precision with their iron shots put the pressure on their opponents. And with their deft touch on the greens, they managed to close out the match on the 16th hole, winning 3 & 2.

Bishopswood Golf Club was abuzz with excitement as news of their victory spread. Members of the club gathered around Alison and Helen, congratulating them on their amazing achievement. Club captain, Andy prater, was particularly proud, stating, “We knew they could beat Calcot. They’ve been working so hard, and it’s great to see their efforts paying off. They’re an inspiration to us all.”

Alison and Helen were thrilled with their victory, but they knew there was still a long way to go in the tournament. They remain focused and determined, ready to take on whatever challenge lay ahead.

We wish them both well in their continued quest for glory in the Daily Mail Foursomes Golf Tournament.

Congratulations Alison and Helen

Bishopswood Golf Club