4 Nations Matchplay

23rd April 2023, Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley 

England Team Take the points on St Georges Day

4 Nations Matchplay

England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland
The third round of the 4 Nations Matchplay teed off on St George’s day 23rd April 2023, with the England team not only celebrating their patrons saints day, but also crushing their opposition!!!

The mighty English were to strong!! 

Results were as follows :

England 80 POINTS + 2 Bonus Points
Scotland 5 POINTS + 1 Bouns Points
Ireland 5 POINTS
Wales 0 POINTS
So the Standings after Three rounds
England  107  POINTS
Ireland     80.5  POINTS
Wales 65.5 POINTS

The roast Beef dinner was a glorious way to finish the event, a big thank you to Ray and the hospitality team for their amazing work.

Still all to play for

Next match 1st June St Andrew’s day  good luck Scotland.
Thanks Andy
If you like to take part please let you team captains know.