Local Rule Update…

December 2022, Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley
Local Rule Update

December 2022 Update

The Club President and his committee believe that golf should be fun and enjoyable, in winter the likelihood of wet weather means mud adheres to the golf ball, and if this happens there is no secure knowledge as to where the ball will end up after being struck.

Therefore, the committee have agreed to implement the local rule enhancing preferred lies. With immediate effect the following will apply until further notice: –
Players may mark and lift and clean their ball in the general area.

On Closely mown areas (grass cut to fairway height) the ball must be marked and after cleaning replaced within six inches no nearer the hole. In all other general play areas (rough) the ball must be marked, cleaned, and then replaced on its original position.
Penalty for playing the ball from the wrong place in breach of the local rule: General penalty under rule 14.7a