Deller-Merricks Crowned Champion

2023, Bishopswood Golf Club, Tadley 
Neil Deller-Merricks– takes the Odd Ball crown with 34 pts win

2023 Odd Ball 3 Club Challenge 

Neil Deller-Merricks takes the title for the 2023 Odd Ball Champion with a 34 pts victory.  Neil managed to hold off stern competition from John Foggin and Nigel Aderson who both had 31 pts

Congratulations to Mr Deller-Merricks

Neil Deller-Merricks 34 pts
John Foggin 31 pts
Nigel Anderson 31 pts
Mike Selley 30 pts
Andy McGhee 28 pts
David Simpson 28 pts
Andy Bartlett 27 pts
Malcolm Boreham 27 pts
Colin Gifford 27 pts
Bill Osman 26 pts
Roger Taylor 24 pts
Kevin Fleet 23 pts
Stephen Wood 23 pts
Helen Johnston 21 pts
Jeffrey Wayling 17 pts
Norman Paget 16 pts
Alison Porter 16 pts
Helen Lipscombe 15 pts
George Quinton 15 pts