Presidents Journal

December 2022 – Bishopswood Golf Club 

Our President, Malcolm, with his update

Malcolm’s Presidents Journal

Hi Everyone

As we welcome in a new Captain, we have this opportunity to look forward to the future, with a positive attitude,

Our journey as always, starts with one small step, if we decide to take that step, we may well step outside our comfort zone at sometime, but we must always remember to be ourselves. and to show love and compassion to everyone we meet.

Golf has always been an opportunity to expand our horizons, to bring our friends along for the ride, so they can face the challenges that we face, every time we address that little white spherical object, when we draw back the club, and follow through to contact, we watch in awe as that little white spherical object soars in flight, there is so much joy, relief and raw emotion when we get that shot away.

We build life long friendship’s on golf courses and within club house’s, everyone of us has this common connection, there is always something to get the conversation started,

Our course and club house are unique, we have a warm welcoming ambiance, which keeps drawing people back, whether that’s to play golf or just to socialise,

Together our aim should be, the sustainability of Bishopswood Golf Club.

We will achieve this with your continued support.

Malcolm Boreham

Club President

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