Presidents Journal

May 2023 – Bishopswood Golf Club 

Our President, Malcolm, with his update

Malcolm’s Presidents Journal

Hi Everyone

It finally looks like the weather has turned the corner, memberships have been renewed, and we welcome both new and old members into our family.

Now maybe the time to remind our members, that our golf club is run for you, by your elected officers, committee, and club secretary, we continue to work constructively along with the golf course to make sure your golfing experience is something you remember.

We have a golf course, identified as one of the best 9 hole courses in North Hampshire, we also have a clubhouse, with an ambience that is the envy of other clubs,  a pro shop stocked with the most up to date clothing and equipment and a driving range, where people come from miles around to use, both the pro shop and driving range are run by a team of dedicated individuals led by our resident professional, Gareth Johnson who’s confidence impacts on all those who come into contact with him.

I am aware nothing remains the same, and times keep changing, and as a golf club we need to embrace this change, yet when doing so, we have to be conscious, not to erode any of the traditions that have built up over many years.

Our Club Captain has thrown himself into everything Bishopswood, so please support him and his charity throughout his captain’s year,

Summer competitions are in full flow, and great friendships are being formed.

As Club President and a member, I feel everyone has a responsibility to work towards the sustainability and longevity of our golf club by attracting all members to participate and become actively involved.

I look forward to meeting up with you all, either on the golf course or within the club house.

Malcolm Boreham

Club President

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