Presidents Journal

July 2023 – Bishopswood Golf Club  An important update


Dear Members of Bishopswood Golf Club,

I am writing to you all with a very heavy heart. It is with regret that I have decided to step down as your Club President with immediate effect.  Circumstances over the past couple of days have accelerated my decision more quickly than I had anticipated, resulting in me being unable to complete my second term in office.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers and numerous committee members I have had the honour of serving with over all my years at Bishopswood Golf Club.  I would also like to thank the whole membership, both past and present for all of their continued support throughout my time in office. It has been an incredible journey over the years, both for myself and Bishopswood Golf Club.

I will continue to be around Bishopswood Golf Club, but not in any official capacity. I wish all the, members and staff well for the future, and hope you will continue along with me to support our Club Captain and his chosen Vice in all their endeavours.

Malcolm Boreham

Immediate Past President.

Message from the Commitee

 To the members

 You will have seen Malcolm’s letter to the membership and, as he has highlighted, his decision to step down as President was quicker than planned and it has taken a few days for the Committee to convene and plan for the future.

 We should all acknowledge and respect his decision without question.

The committee accepted Malcolm’s resignation, it was agreed to appoint an interim President, until the AGM in November, when as a Club an appropriate full-term successor will be appointed.

As the longest standing member on the Committee, I was asked if I would step up as Interim President, which I graciously accepted.

Malcolm remains one of the finest Ambassadors of the Club and remains a good friend of mine and the wider membership going forward, and if you read his statement, he remains an advocate of the Club and remains supportive of Andy our present Captain and Nigel his Vice.

Please respect his decision and support the Club going forward.

Whilst I may not be as visible as Malcolm to some members (work does get in the way) please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Nick Leonard

Treasurer and Interim Club President.

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